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Type approval legislation for road vehicles

Order the Winfried Gaupp book NOW!

The publisher of the book “Type Approval Legislation for Road Vehicles”, Kirschbaum has responded with an attractive offer if a bulk order of at least 20 books is placed.

If we compare first the landed cost for this book through an individual placement of an order through the Kirschbaum website:

The costs for one book would be € 49.80 plus an additional € 16.80 for delivery costs, giving a total of € 66.60. At the current exchange rate of close to 17, would the cost for the book amount to around R 1130.

Kirschbaum publishers made the us an offer to allow us to sell the book through the TR Forum at a landed price of R 900 for every single copy.

This is a saving of R 230 against an individual purchase!

So order now!

As soon as we have the confirmed order for around 30 copies can we place the order with Kirschbaum publishers.

You can place your order by completing the attached order form and mail it back to

Click here to download the order form

Please make your payment through EFT to the account stated on the order form and confirm via mail to